Our Story

Offor Walker Group was born from a deep respect for those involved in the educational process. Its founder, Ify Offor Walker, a former middle school teacher, experienced firsthand the powerful benefits that good teachers and strong leadership can have in shaping the lives of children.

Later, while serving as an executive with a national education organization, Ify saw that organizations with diverse leadership teams perform better than organizations without diverse leadership. At every step of the way, she saw that leadership is the number one lever we have when it comes to progress. Understanding that transformational leaders can change the life trajectory of students and the need to amplify their impact, Ify was motivated to found Offor Walker Group in 2011.

Offor Walker Group is the result of Ify’s vision of empowering academic excellence for all students. By working with organizations to identify high-performing leaders from all backgrounds, and by placing them at the table of education reform, we believe that, one day, a child’s zip code will not determine his or her opportunities.

Our Philosophy

Offor Walker Group is more than just a recruiting firm. We are talent matchmakers who are highly engaged with our clients and candidates. In fact, before we agree to work with an organization, we spend a great deal of energy getting to know its leaders and culture. As part of our due diligence process, normally conducted on-site, we get to know our clients' goals, needs, and vision for the future. This kind of investment, along with our eagerness to share our expertise, has made Offor Walker Group a trusted confidant for both clients and candidates in search of their best match.

Our Process

Hiring the right person is a challenge in every industry, including education. With national hiring success rates around 50%, the question most asked by hiring managers is: "How can I know the person is right for my particular job?” Knowing is key, and knowledge requires the right information.

Offor Walker Group's talent matching system is designed so that hiring managers feel like they know the candidates even before they meet them. Our process is unique in the education sector in that it continues even after a candidate is hired, through the critical period when the organization and the new hire are getting oriented to each other. At Offor Walker Group, we’re committed to the long-term success of both our candidates and our clients.

  1. The Scorecard

    Our process begins by developing a scorecard, a best-in-class tool that identifies the critical requirements for the role in the first two years. This ensures we get very clear about WHO we are looking for. Everyone on the search team should have the same answer to the question: what does success look like in this job?

  2. Scouting

    Based on the scorecard, we identify what elements of our client’s culture are absolutely essential to make a match. We source the best candidates from our referral network, and begin a thorough interview process. We gather comprehensive information on the candidate’s employment history, including their accomplishments and mistakes. We also get really serious about their goals and motivations. We want to understand what candidates are passionate about and how our client's opportunity will help them and the organization fulfill their purpose.

  3. Making the Match

    When the final candidates are selected, we look at everything - attributes that could create breakthroughs as well as those that may derail an organization's progress. We consider each candidate through the lens of our client's work culture. Like any good match, the benefits must be mutual.

  4. Ensuring Success

    Our involvement in the process doesn’t end once the match is made. Unlike any other firm in the education space, we provide new hires with an executive coach. We track the success of our new hires by checking in with them and our hiring managers on a quarterly basis. Our goal: long-term success.

Our Team

At Offor Walker Group, we believe that finding the right leader takes leadership - a quality we insist upon from each member of our staff. As direct, honest counselors, we work hand in hand with clients and candidates to provide guidance and coaching through each step of the talent matchmaking process. Through our expertise in this market and our personal attention, we help ensure that matches have lasting success.

Ifeyinwa "Ify" Walker

Ifeyinwa "Ify" Walker

Founder & Chief Talent Matchmaker
Regina Dyer

Regina Dyer

Senior Talent Matchmaker

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